Gang GABRE cannot silence us. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE SOMALIS – By: Mohamed Yonis

ninIt has been almost two decades since our parents had been telling us that the old good days of Somalia are gone, dead and buried. We as youth couldn’t swallow that scenario and we hoped that one day our nation would return to the highest limit and where it once was. Although our optimism looks impossible thus we are still wishing the best for our beloved Somali country.

It is true that our Somali people had fought and clashed themselves, but the reality is all of our problems were led and backed by external parties who contributed to the collapse of our previous central government in 1991 and still trying their best to make sure that our bloody country –Somalia -will never stand on its feet again.

One of the burning questions we always ask ourselves is WHY THE WHOLE WORLD IS AGAINST SOMALIA!!! We know that if the international community was serious about stabilizing Somalia, they couldn’t fail it for two decades but the fact is that the world is hesitant to see a strong and stable Somalia back on the planet.  Why the UN was so desperate in ending the conflict of Kenya in days rather than weeks in 2004 after sending the former UN general secretary Kofi Anan to solve their problems?? Why the conflict of South Sudan was solved so soon? Why the conflicts of Yemen, Syria, Iraq and the rest of the world are being treated with high priority thus our beloved Somalia has been ignored or undermined.

What did we do wrong to the rest of the world? Why the world seems to be against our interests? Somalia can do all the good alone if they are allowed so, but the main worry is that the world is shy to allow us solve our problems in our own way.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia is a long standing enemy to Somali people and has been prepared to do all of their abilities to counter any efforts that can restore the old Somalia back. Since 1977, when the then Somali defense forces fought and defeated the Ethiopian occupants in the western Somali regions, Ethiopia started to cut the legs of Somalia by arming and assisting the not smart rebels who overthrew the old Somali central government.

However, since the collapse of Somalia, Ethiopia has worked on destabilizing Somalia by using different ways and strategies. Arming militias, organizing rebels, hosting ineffective and nonsense conferences for the selfish Somali politicians are just some of the few methods that Ethiopia has been using to disorganize Somalia.

In 2004, Ethiopia facilitated and led a reconciliation conference for all Somali warlords and faction leaders in Empaghati -Kenya – and later closed it in Eldoret-Kenya. Ethiopia won its first major diplomatic war against Somalia when they persuaded the ineffectual Somali warlords that FEDARLISM is the only way forward to Somalia which can solve all the problems of Somalis, Ethiopia’s sole aim was to create DIVIDE AND RULE factor in Somalia which enables them to segregate all Somali regions and collaborate with them separately without facing strong Somali state with a solid national policy.

Nevertheless, Ethiopia invaded in to Somalia in 2006 with the intention of occupying and ruling the country they once feared most. The Ethiopian troops failed to get anything out of their invasion apart from withdrawing their forces with dejected faces and disappointed hearts after being defeated and beaten badly by the inspiring Somali resistant people in Somalia.

Since the withdrawal of their troops, Ethiopia realized that they cannot win a military war against Somalia especially in Somalia. Therefore, they again started to develop a new policy which can allow them to fully control Somalia. They started collaborating and backing the so called Somali federal states with their interests always on the high agenda, thus, this enabled them to have more influence in the decision making of the national government.

Ethiopia opened an embassy in Mogadishu-Somalia and sent an ambassador to Somalia. The bizarre thing is that the Ethiopian embassy in Somalia is based in the state house of Somalia which hosts the president’s office and all the top offices of the whole state. Indeed, it is really very rare to find out any sovereign country which has foreign embassies to the next door of their offices. However, Ethiopia aims to monitor all the activities going on in the senior offices of the government.

Ethiopia sent a gang man called GABRE whose sole responsibility is to coordinate the different federal states of Somalia and scold them as well if the need arises. GABRE seems to be higher than the president of Somalia in status; he tracks all the movements and actions of the government officials in their own backyard. GABRE receives weekly reports from some ministries and federal states and he frequently speaks with all the parliament members if there is a need of creating a spoiling motion or settling it down.

GABRE is the go to man guy whose office is full of application of appointments from ministers of the Somali government and federal states. We have to confess that GABRE really rules and roars the government of Somalia.

Overall, we want Ethiopia to know that they by no chance can rule our country and move freely inside our cities and regions. They may have psychological power over our leaders but they can never have us under their control and custody.

GABRE, you can never silence us, you can never defeat us in our own soil, and you will face the real Somalis in not very far time hopefully.

Finally, Somalia is free because of few adventurous heroes who sacrificed their blood, energy, time and wealth for the sake of this prosperous country. Therefore, in every generation, there are heroes available everywhere and Somalia has thousands of heroes at the moment but just keeping low profile in respect of their elders and the moment they get fed up from this psychological empire, ALL WILL BE DONE swiftly.

Mohamed Yonis

Aragtidaada Hoos Ayaad Ku Qori Kartaa