1st July is a really massive and huge day for all Somali people; it is a day that deserves to be marked with the highest pleasure and commemoration. This is the majestic day that we got our independence from the Italian colony.

Somalia is one of the prime nations in Africa which got its absolute freedom from the colony on 1st July 1960. The resource full country was divided into FIVE divisions in which FIVE powerful countries including France, England and Italy colonized each of its own division for many years. The people of Somalia experienced the empire dilemma and tasted the pain of being treated like slaves. There had been chronic acts from the acute colonizers towards the poor Somalis including killings, massacre, robbery of natural resources, human rights abuse, exploitation of man power and indiscriminate harassment.

Therefore, the victory of this freedom has not come in the easy way. It was won in the hardest way starting from self styled attacks to collective attacks on the colony. Heroes are born in difficult times, so it all started from an incredible freedom fighter called Ahmed Gurei who – after witnessing the negative effects of the colony – heroically started to organize small group of people to fight the powerful army of the colony. It was a spiritual and emotional fighting against a brutal opposition whose only objective was to eliminate the aboriginals of the land and settle their own immigrants on the wealth land of Somalia. That hero opened a new chapter for Somalis and convinced them that they must face a lasting long term war with the colonizers until they get rid of them.

Nevertheless, many more heroes gradually joined the fight against the cruel colony; Sayid Mohamed Abdalla Hassan, Hawa Tako and Dhagah Tuur are just some of the few remarkable individuals who gave up their all just to make sure we live in this dream of being a free nation.

Precisely it was not an easy fight as the colony massacred innocent people, molested women just to scare the freedom fighters whose only aim was either to die or win against the colony. Some of our heroes lost their lives in the war although they still strongly remain in our hearts.

Meanwhile, as the fighting against the horror colony continued new heroes were being born to join the inevitable war. Maclin Kabtole was one of the extraordinary commanders whose small army faced the Italian army in many areas of Southern Somalia like Lafole and Jazira locations. The Lafole massacre became one of the most popular fights in Africa after the Italian colony killed more than TWO thousand freedom fighters in a single day and they expected that the rest of the people will get scared and hold back but it strengthened and motivated the people when thousands of more people joined the fight and opened new fronts against the colony which forced them to retreat from many places in Lower Shabelle region of Somalia.

However, after several decades of fighting the situation grew worse and the colony believed that the freedom fighters were defeated busted and buried. Thus, so wrong they were as THIRTEEN young boys emerged and stepped up the efforts of liberation. They took over from the old heroes who died for the sake of this nation; these young men gathered and established a party called SOMALI YOUTH LEAGUE (SYL). The goal of the party was to liberate the nation by any means, they agreed to never neglect the valuable blood of those died for this country.

Ideally SYL’s strategy was to talk with the colony in any language that can bring the country to its feet independently. They had political, psychological and violent debate and fallouts with the empire that finally brought independence to this country. Therefore, SYL inevitably forced the England colony in Northern Somalia out of the country on 26th June 1960 while four days later on 1st July 1960; the Italian colony in southern Somalia was kicked out from the rich land.

Finally, it is important to notice that this nation was not freed easily but thousands of people gifted their souls and blood to the country. Furthermore, whether some parts of Somalia are still under an informal colony or not is another matter for another day but TODAY 01st JULY is a day of celebration, it is the phenomenal day that we got our country back, it is the exceptional day that we became a sovereign nation, it is the magnificent day that our cute flag waved to the sky, it is the remarkable day of our INDEPENDENCE.

This day is worth the weight.

Congratulations to every Somali national.

Mohamed Yonis

Aragtidaada Hoos Ayaad Ku Qori Kartaa